Why You Need Kripa

Your Challenge

  • You've outgrown your current software system and need to either upgrade or replace it
  • News of a data breach at your competitor has made you aware that you need to improve your information security
  • You are collecting customer and other data but you're not sure how to analyze and manage it
  • Your people are complaining about how much manual work they have to do because your systems are not integrated
  • There are some critical projects you need to complete but you're not sure what tools, skills or plans you need to manage the projects   

The common factor in all these scenarios is that you are facing a potentially disruptive technology-driven change to your business. Managing technology-driven changes successfully requires managing projects on time, on budget, in scope, and with quality. Managing projects successfully requires dedicated focus and adherence to a proven project management approach. Kripa Consulting’s use of business outcome-driven project management methods for generating ideas, gathering requirements, design, development, testing, deployment and post-deployment support, for end-to-end solution delivery, are the reason you can trust us both as your change advisor and your change management partner.

Our Solution

Here’s how Kripa’s D3 Project Management Framework makes the difference for you:


This is the most critical phase of any change. The first step in this phase is to define the business need that is driving the change. You can then determine what needs to change and how, when, and with whom you will make that change. Once business outcomes and the general approach are defined, you are ready to define the requirements, design, and testing that drive the implementation of the change. Many technology-driven change efforts focus on development and delivery at the expense of definition. A poorly defined change will cost you dearly in rework and delays. Kripa Consulting helps you complete the initial definition on time and then manage continuous refinements based on best practices in requirements management, solution design, and risk/reward management.


The development phase encompasses software development, hardware and system integration, process changes, testing, and user validation. Kripa helps you select the right tools and resources to keep each of these activities on track. Since managing the schedule and the budget on plan are critical in this phase, Kripa will help you develop realistic timelines, account for contingencies, and maintain focus. Most importantly, we help you to manage the activities in your Develop phase according to the outcomes from your Define phase, so that you can ultimately meet the business need that drove the change.


The activities in this phase are crucial in validating the results of your changes with your users or customers. Performance monitoring, Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, implementation of customer support tools and processes, and planning for future changes are all part of this phase. Kripa Consulting extends the typical project management lifecycle that concludes with the implementation of a change to address the longer-term impacts of the change.

Our Services

As Kripa Consulting works with you to manage your technology-driven changes we deliver six supporting services that address your change related organizational needs:   

Your Invitation

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